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We are privileged in this rather difficult time with the workforce because we form a very solid and tightly woven team.

To begin, we present to you Marie-France Lemieux.

Marie-France is a graduate in institutional cooking from the Ecole Hôtelière des Laurentides and has a very broad background in this area. She started in golf clubs and served in several positions in the kitchen, she then worked in institutional kitchens in large companies and schools. She has held the position of chef in CHSLDs and retirement homes. She was mandated to set up the teams and the menus of several restaurants and put in charge of a chain of restaurants in residences. With these experiences, she opened her own business in a vocational school where she built her first catering service, she was able to build a corporate clientele with major schools, CEGEPs, academies and corporations. She then experienced high-end sugar shack with great success.

Her journey took on another dimension when she and her spouse decided to build a business renovating ancestral homes. Guy, her spouse and partner, excels in this profession, so she did not hesitate to follow him in this new adventure. Four beautiful years have passed in this field and the call of the kitchen still resounded in her.

She and her partner Guy Beaulieu then made the great decision to acquire the Pignons de pin.

Guy is the ideal partner for Marie-France, accomplices and life partners, together, they bring together their respective strengths and complement each other wonderfully.

Guy, resourceful, curious, manager, quick-witted, he acquired his experiences in several fields. First of all, he followed his father on patio and terrace design sites, with his great curiosity, he learned very quickly and was nourished by the lessons learned during this period. A music lover and a musician himself, he worked as a luthier for several years. His journey nevertheless brought him back to renovation.

He was in general renovation, carrying out his business and was a team leader in disaster expertise companies before meeting Marie-France and founding a company specializing in ancestral homes.

There you go, Guy has changed course and this time followed Marie-France in the kitchen. Guy is like a fish in water, he has been able to adapt to this new profession and finds a new passion in desserts and pastries, moreover, he excels there very well! A great manager and visionary, he quickly found his place in this new profession.

Janic Bédard, an accomplished cook, joined the team last fall. Funny, Janic applied to Pine Nuts without knowing who the owners were. Funny, Marie-France and Janic did their cooking class together and, at the time, they developed a great complicity and friendship. They had lost sight of each other for a few years and found themselves at Les Pignons de pin. Janic also had his prepared meals business before going to work in the far north in large production kitchens. Her experience and her beautiful personality make her an ideal co-worker! Guy, Marie-France and Janic form a wonderful trio in the kitchen!

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